Monday, September 2, 2013

A Business is Born

Gradually, my shift from a stay-at-home mom to a work-at-home-mom is transpiring. Since I have some free time, my husband and I have decided to handle a business at home. Honestly, with all the business opportunities surfacing left and right, it takes research and planning to select which product/s you feel will be patronized by the market.

Two years ago, we engaged in the food cart business. After one month of operation, our business folded. Sad, right? I felt numb actually. As they say in one of the seminars I attended, I just have to consider it as a tuition fee for my entrepreneurship course. The money we invested could have been used for my son's tuition fee for a year and half. Just a hindsight. 

Finally, we chose to enter into the ice cream vending operation of a known corporation. You may say, another franchise? But why?  

My family loves ice cream especially my kids. I guess everybody likes ice cream.  Who can resist ice cream?

To start the process, I checked (literally) the requirements. 

1.      Must have an interest to manage own business - Check!  
2.      Must have the patience, dedication and entrepreneurial abilities - Check!  
3.      Have a garage space for minimum 10 vending bikes and freezing equipment - Check!
4.      Resident of area & property owner - Half check!
5.      Must have P100K minimum working capital - Check! 

After completing and submitting the documentation required by the corporation, Wellborn Marketing was born.

As a new proprietor, I have a great deal to learn and also to unlearn for this business to thrive.  

And so....... ice cream anyone?


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