Monday, August 5, 2013

Changes in me

Being a stay at home mom had hovered in my thoughts for so many years.  However, I could not just give up my job instantly then.  I have two kids who are growing up so fast.  Prices of goods are escalating.  People are losing their employment.  But alas!  My husband, realizing that I was no longer as efficient as before at work, gave his sweet “Yes” (as if I proposed to him) to the idea.

Now that I stay at home, I have noticed changes in me.  Besides that my monthly paycheck have stopped, I, too, have stopped purchasing things that are unneccessary.  Who needs another pair of shoes when you have lots stored in your cabinet that you haven’t worn for months, even years?  Who needs another beauty cream when there are still jars and bottles of facial wash, toners and day/night cream in your dresser?  Who needs another cellphone when you have one that is still functioning quite well?  Sometimes, temptation does creep in.  And that's why I stay away from malls. 

Further,  my crafty and practical sides (the ones I did not know I possess) emerged.  Instead of going to the alteration store  for my daughter’s uniforms (hand me downs since they’ll change them next year anyway),  I altered them myself.  I even sewed the tags on my son’s uniforms. 

Instead of using often different cleaning and deodorizing  products available in the supermarkets, I go natural.  Yes!  I researched in the internet and found things I have at home that I can utilize for these tasks.  Lemon, white vinegar, baking soda, etc. are stocked up in my pantry.  But I retain the regular clorox for our laundry.  The household help might complain if she has to mix ingredients first to remove stains and dirt on our clothes. (I guess I’ll try to research on that, too.  Umm.)

Finally the change that I thank God everyday.  I spend quality time with my family.  Now, I can say to my kids that mommy can accompany you to your field trips.  I can say, mommy can attend the parent teacher conference on a weekday.  I can say, mommy will teach you if you have any problems with your studies.  I can say, mommy will listen if you need to talk.  I can also say, yes, hubby, I will massage your head and back because I know you are exhausted.

Being a stay at home mom has changed me little by little.  And I am happy.

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